Add It.

Try adding it to your casserole with any choice of meat: pork, beef, lamb, chicken &/or fish.

As a quick meal use the whole jar, warmed up, pour it on top of your pasta. Or over mussel’s.  Bellisimo!   Stir Chilli-D into sour cream with a squeeze of lemon juice and make your own Chilli-D Prawn Cocktail.

Put a zing in your homemade rissoles or burgers by incorporating it into the mix, spreading it on the bun, or as a condiment on the side of your plate. Yum!

Great with a stir fry. Add it to the sautéed onion and garlic, then stir fry your sliced meat and add your pre cooked veges.

A condiment for any meat, be it beef, pork, lamb, chicken or fish.

We love our Chilli-D Chicken Kiev – Brilliant in the cut cavity of the free range chicken breast with your choice of cheese.

Use Chilli-D as a marinade, coating your choice of meat or fish and letting it sit in the fridge for 20 minutes or more prior to cooking. Even better is to marinade it over night.
Chilli-D Chicken – part the skin gently with your fingers, then place the Chilli-D relish under the skin and roast. Yum!

Sausages, Pies & Pasties – throw out the sauce (or just slide them to the side) and say ‘pass the Chilli-D ‘ please!

Eggs Chilli-D – replace the hollandaise sauce with Chilli-D….Nom! Nom! Nom!
Put a spoonful on top of your mashed potatoes or try it with poached or fried eggs.

Dip It.

Chilli-D is delicious as a Dip with chips, crackers, Doritos, turkish toasted bread, vege sticks and cheeses.
Stir it into cream cheese or Ricotta for a chilli/cheese dip.
And savoury pastries, also chicken strips, spring rolls etc. Yay!

Spread It.

With any sandwich – Christmas Ham Sandwiches with Chilli-D.
Pizza base spread with Chilli-D and topped with cheese. ‘Itsa So Gooood!’
Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary and other Special Event Baskets.

We believe your choices of eating Chilli-D are only limited to your imagination. So go wild and enjoy some Chilli-D today!

Happy Adding it – Dipping it – Spreading it!

From The Chilli-D Team.