Chilli D Perth WA is the home of a relish of spicy, chilli flavours, and a delight of red colour. Made with no preservatives, colours or added flavours, Chilli D Chilli Relish is a delight to spice-loving tastebuds, and one that the whole family can enjoy.

Chilli D comes in 2 flavours, so you can choose Nicey Spicy or Wildly Mild, depending on just how spicy you like your food!

Crammed full of Vegies, Chilli-D Relish can be eaten countless ways – added it to your cooking, enjoyed as a dip, mixed up with sour cream, or you might like to enjoy it just as it comes, with a stick of bread or a spoonful of cream cheese.

You can find Chilli D at your local fair too!  Click here to see the events we’re attending this year, or right here to find a list of retail outlets around Perth that carry our mouth-watering, stomach filling, delicious Chilli Relish.

Order your Chilli D via the Contact page, or call us on (08) 6460 2500.


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