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Chilli-D is one of Tasmania’s latest culinary discoveries.

Chilli D’s yummy  relish comes in 2 different delicious strengths – Wildly Mild, and Nicey Spicey, ready to delight your taste buds whether you’re a chilli lover or not !

Made by hand with 100% love, care and a personal touch, Chilli D is 100% preservative free, colour free and additive free. Delicious in your cooking, Chilli D can be added to any meal or just enjoyed as a dip on it’s own.

Some of our favourite uses are with sour cream, cream cheese and veggies… But it’s completely up to you!

Contact us today to order your Chilli D Relish today!

Chilli D Perth WA is the home of a relish of spicy, chilli flavours, and a delight of red colour. Made with no preservatives, colours or added flavours, Chilli D Chilli Relish is a delight to spice-loving tastebuds, and one that the whole family can enjoy.

Chilli D comes in 2 flavours, so you can choose Nicey Spicy or Wildly Mild, depending on just how spicy you like your food!

Crammed full of Vegies, Chilli-D Relish can be eaten countless ways – added it to your cooking, enjoyed as a dip, mixed up with sour cream, or you might like to enjoy it just as it comes, with a stick of bread or a spoonful of cream cheese.

You can find Chilli D at your local fair too!  Click here to see the events we’re attending this year, or right here to find a list of retail outlets around Perth that carry our mouth-watering, stomach filling, delicious Chilli Relish.

Order your Chilli D via the Contact page, or call us on (08) 6460 2500.


Chilli-D’s Chilli Relish

Chilli D is fast becoming a staple at local shows and has rave reviews from delighted customers all around Western Australia.

Made with 100% love and crammed full with natural ingredients, you’ll be delighted to know that Chilli D Relish contains no added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. So not only is it yum, it’s safe for the whole family too…

Following it’s successful introduction to local shows, fairs and shops, Chilli-D is ready to take on the world!

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You can go straight to our Order Page to order some 100% hand-made, delicious Western-Australian Chilli Relish right now. Or feel free to ask any questions, come up with any suggestions or request our presence in your local business, event, or shopping centre today.

We’d love to hear from you!

Chilli-D: Add It, Dip It, Spread It! TM

Learn more about Chilli D here.