Chilli-D, Australia  are now producing their delicious and yummy relish in Tasmania for the rest of Australia and the world.

Following it’s successful introduction to Perth’s local shows, fairs and events, we have begun to use gorgeous Tasmanian ingredients in our relish.

Chilli-D is currently expanding it’s business online to serve Australia and abroad all of it’s exquisite relish products.

Made up of a delicious blend and a splash of love, you can order your Chilli-D in 3 yummy flavours. Nicey Spicey, Keenly Green and Wildly Mild.

Many of you already know how gorgeous Chilli-D tastes, Yes, It’s Just Yum!  But for those who’ve been told and can’t wait to find out.

Email us at to find out how you can get your Chilli-D products today.

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